Green Tea Shot is A Lie! Real Green Tea Shot Recipe


What is a green tea shot?

You may find yourself asking, what is a green tea shot?

The answer can vary, as we will explain later, but for the most part, green tea shots are made using Irish whiskey, and a number of citrusy ingredients that cause it to take on a color similar to green tea. 


How much alcohol is in a green tea shot

As you will see if you check the ingredients of our green tea shots recipe, the Jameson Irish whiskey used in this green tea shot recipe has an Abv. of 40 which means it is 40% alcohol.

Because there are no other spirits used in the green tea shot recipe, these green tea shots will have a similar alcohol content to your typical 50ml shot of hard alcohol.


How many green tea shots to get drunk?

While the question of how much alcohol is in a green tea shot is easy to answer, how many green tea shots to get drunk is a little more ambiguous.

It depends on so many factors but typically, most people will begin to feel the effects of the alcohol after two of these green tea shot drinks.

By the way, if you prefer long drinks, we strongly recommend our recipe Green Tea Alcohol Long Drink made by a mixologist! 🍸


What does a green tea shot taste like?

Of course you might want to know what does a green tea shot taste like before you spend all the time making one. As you would expect, the flavor is quite citrusy with all the additional lemon and lime juice.

These citrusy flavors pair quite well with green tea such as matcha or gyokuro, which enhances the teas own citrusy flavor profile. The matcha does add this fresh vegetal flavor that makes the finish cleaner fresher. Of course the whiskey adds a bit of that char and spice to make the cocktail quite interesting and complex. 


How much does a green tea shot cost

If you’re looking at how much does a green tea shot cost, you need to break it down by whats in a green tea shot and how much those ingredients cost. 

If the Jameson Whiskey bottle costs $33 for 70cl you can use it to make 14 green tea shots. Each of these green tea shots will cost about $2.40 with the whiskey alone, but there are other ingredients as well in the green tea shot recipe. 

Ingredient Cost
Jameson $2.40
Lemon Juice $1.03
Lemon Lime Concentrate $1.00
Total $4.43


How many green tea shots can you make?

Although this drink seems extremely expensive, the one caveat to point out is that it makes a lot of volume. When you think green tea shot, you are probably thinking of those little glasses you get for friends as souvenirs but this green tea shot recipe makes enough to fill up several of those.

In total, the green tea shot recipe makes 150ml of volume (likely more if you are using ice and a lot of lime juice). This is enough to make 3 separate green tea shots so the drink is more like $1.50 per green tea shot glass. Still, the prices can add up but it won't break the bank.


How many calories in a green tea shot

If you follow this green tea shot recipe exactly, you will end up with green tea shots that have between 137-147 calories. This is on a similar level to most alcoholic beverages, with a regular beer having between 150-200 calories and a light beer having 90-110 calories per 12 ounce serving.

As you will see, the green tea shot calories are coming mostly from one source - the alcohol.

Where do the calories come from in a green tea shot?

Now that we’ve talked about how many calories in a green tea shot, let’s talk about where they come from. Of course, with the green tea shot, most of the calories are going to come from the alcohol itself. 

The 50ml of Jameson will contain about 107 calories and the all the other ingredients together will contain the remaining 30-40 calories.


So why is this green tea shot a lie?

This green tea shot recipe is a classic, but it might also be a lie! 🧐 This drink is made to look like green tea, but it actually doesn’t contain anything close to green tea.

At Nio, we decided we wanted to fix that, so we created another green tea shot recipe that contains actual green tea that has been approved by thousand of green tea drinkers!

In this article, we’re going to be talking about what goes into a green tea shot, how to make a green tea shot and we’ll also go over the price, calories and alcohol content of green tea shots so you can drink responsibly. 

Without further ado, let’s learn how to make green tea shots! 🍃


What's in a green tea shot?

So now that we know everything about the green tea shot, let’s talk about what is a green tea shot. Normally, a green tea shot is made using whiskey, lemon lime mix and soda so that it resembles the color of green tea, but we believe to be called a green tea shot, it should need to have green tea in it! That’s why our green tea shot recipe includes all the ingredients in a classic green tea shot, plus matcha powder. 

This green tea shot not only takes on the color of a Japanese green tea, but it has real green tea in it. This means that you get some of the flavor and health benefits of green tea with your green tea shot. So if you want to learn how to make a green tea shot that contains actual green tea, you’ll need to follow the recipe below. 

  • 50 ml of Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • ¼ teaspoon of Japanese matcha powder
  • 20 ml of sweet and sour mix
  • 50 ml of Lime juice cordial
  • A few drops of lime
  • Ice


Why the green tea shot ingredients matter

What's in a green tea shot determines what it tastes like. When you combine the ingredients of lemon mix and irish whiskey, you end up with a drink that may look like green tea, but it tastes nothing like green tea.

Our green tea shot recipe tastes like actual green tea because it has real green tea in it. There is nothing worse than feeling like you were lied to when you order at a bar or restaurant, and we want to make sure all the tea lovers out there know that so called green tea shots don’t contain actual green tea


Top 5 green tea shots recipes that contains green tea

Want to shake up your green tea shot recipe? Try incorporating different types of Japanese green teas to change up the flavor.

By the way, You can save 15% off on these teas by using the code "TEAREADER" at


#1 Gyokuro tea shot


Gyokuro is a long shaded green tea with a powerful sweet and savory flavor. The sweetness of gyokuro is the perfect balance to some of the more intense flavors of this green tea shot.


Just brew up 5 grams of leaves with 50ml of water and add it to this recipe. If you want to learn how to brew gyokuro, you can read this article here 👉 Gyokuro Brewing Guide by Tea Experts


#2 Sencha green tea shot


Sencha is another type of delicious Japanese green tea, and it can have a bit more of a fresh and citrusy flavor compared to gyokuro.


This makes it the perfect addition to this green tea shot recipe.

Sencha also comes with a lot of benefits. If you want to learn more about what sencha is good for, you can read this article here 👉 What is Sencha Tea Good For?


#3 Genmaicha green tea shot


Genmaicha is made by mixing green tea leaves with toasted rice.


The toasted rice gives the tea a warmer and more roasted flavor of caramel or popcorn.

These flavors are a better pairing for the Jameson whiskey, but if you want to learn more about the genmaicha flavor, you can explore this article 👉 What is the genmaicha flavor? Oatmeal? Popcorn?


#4 Hojicha green tea shot


Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green tea. During the roasting process, it takes on warmer notes of coffee, caramel and chocolate, almost like a cask-aged whiskey.


Try this in your green tea shots and see if you like the flavor!

By the way, if you want to learn how to brew hojicha tea, we made a complete guide just for you 👉 How to Brew Hojicha like a Japanese Tea Master


What's the best snack with this tea shot?

Looking for the perfect food pairing? We can only recommend our Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream recipe!

This homemade Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream is a delightful dessert that combines the refreshing qualities of green tea with the chewy, sweet texture of mochi.

This unique treat is perfect for impressing guests at summer gatherings or simply indulging in a personal delight on a warm day.


Final sip on the green tea shot

Although the classic green tea shot is a wonderful cocktail, adding just a few drops of green tea in there will really enhance the flavor, and make it a bit more deserving of the green tea shot name.

If you want to make your own green tea shots at home, try experimenting with different types of Japanese green teas and see which ones you like most!

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