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If you're looking for Japanese Tea Samplers and want to try a premium tea samplers to know which teas are your favorite, these sample packs are the best option. Whether you want to exclusively try matcha or you want a combination of matcha and leaf teas, you should be able to find the perfect option here.

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japanese tea sampler

Experience our singular Japanese Tea Samplers

Ready to dive into the world of Japanese green tea? With these Japanese tea samplers, you can try different types of teas from small farmers all around Japan. Before you decide which tea is right for you. it might make sense to try a bunch out and see what you like most. These samplers include both matcha and loose leaf tea, and they are pre-measured into the perfect amount to enjoy a special tea moment. As you prepare a cup of tea or a bowl of matcha, you are transported to a new destination in Japan, to learn about how subtle differences in the production can lead to vastly different flavor in the final cup.

We source our Japanese Tea Samplers from reputable Japanese farmers

Our Japanese tea samplers come from small farmers all across Japan. We like to meet each of the farmers we work with in person to learn about how the teas are made and the exceptional level of care taken during  their production. The farmers we work with produce teas without the use of pesticides or chemicals

  • loose leaf green tea samplers

    Loose leaf green tea samplers

    These  japanese tea samplers include different types of loose leaf green tea like sencha, hojicha, gyokuro, kukicha, bancha, kamairicha and genmaicha. All of these teas taste completely differently, but they are prepared in similar ways. Add one sample pack to the kyusu teapot, pour in some warm water and watch the tea explode into a symphony of flavors and aromas. Which one will be your cup of tea?

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  • matcha samplers

    Matcha samplers

    These japanese tea samplers include different types of matcha or powdered tea. When the tea is powdered, it really concentrates the flavor profile, creating a rich, milky texture and a strong flavor. The matcha is also packed with health benefits, as you are consuming the entire leaf. The matcha contained in this  japanese green tea sampler come from different farms, different regions and different varietals or cultivars.

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What is included in our Japanese Green Tea Samplers?

In the japanese green tea sampler you will find different assortments of green tea, perfectly measured out for 1 tasting session. The loose leaf tea samples will contain 5 grams of tea, which can be prepared in a teapot and reused 3 times. The flavor will evolve with each infusion, so you should really get to know the tea. For the matcha, you will get 2 grams which is enough to make 1 bowl of matcha tea, or 2 small cups. 

  • gyokuro sample


    A long shaded tea with a smooth sweetness and a powerful umami flavor.

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  • ceremonial matcha sample

    Ceremonial Matcha

    A very strong powdered green tea that is whisked up in a bowl and served with a thick foam on top.

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  • genmaicha sample


    A tea made by combining green tea leaves with roasted rice

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  • stem teas sample

    Stem Teas

    These teas are made with a combination of tea leaves and stems, to create a milder flavor

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  • roasted teas and hojicha sample

    Roasted Teas & Hojicha

    Hojicha is made by roasting the dried tea leaves to impart warmer flavors and aromas.

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  • sencha sample


    The most common type of tea in Japan, made from leaves that have been steamed, rolled and dried.

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  • bancha sample


    A tea made from the older leaves of the tea plant which are higher in minerals and lower in caffeine.

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  • kamairicha sample


    A Japanese green tea made in the Chinese pan-roasting style, giving it a balance of warmer tasting notes.

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  • shincha sample


    The first tea to be harvested in the spring of each year, made from the young sprouts of the tea plant.

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  • kabuse sencha sample

     Kabuse Sencha

    A long shaded tea that is one step down from gyokuro, with a lighter sweetness and less umami.

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  • fukamushi sencha sample

    Fukamushi Sencha

    These sencha teas are steamed for a longer time, which creates a greener color and a stronger, steamed vegetable taste.

  • karigane sample


    A shaded stem tea that has a sweeter and more floral taste profile when compared to a regular kukicha.

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Our Japanese Green Tea Samplers are 100% pesticide free

When we source tea for our Japanese tea samplers, we make sure to only work with farmers that produce tea without pesticides. When we visit the tea fields, we like to see all the steps farmers take to not only produce great tasting green tea, but also do so without harming the local ecosystem. These pesticide free tea fields are abuzz with activity, with different types of insects, birds and even mammals making themselves feel at home between the rows. 

  • how to brew loose leaf tea sampler

    Loose leaf

    All you need to do is add 5 grams of loose leaf tea to the teapot, pour in 150ml of water and let the leaves sit undisturbed for between 1-2 minutes. For specific temperatures and brewing times, you can refer to the brewing instructions on each of the product pages. When the brewing time is up, you can just pour the teapot out into a cup, and your tea is ready to drink! Later, you can infuse the leaves 2-3 more times or until they lose flavor.

  • how to brew japanese matcha sampler


    Simply put 1-2 grams of powder into a bowl and add in 100ml of warm water. You may want to run your matcha powder through a sifter, as this will remove the clumps that form in the powder as it reacts to the humidity. You can then take your matcha whisk and gently stir to make sure all the powder has been combined with the water. Then, you can begin to whisk the tea in quick, zigzag motions using your wrist. With the right technique, a bright green foam will be created at the surface of the tea, which will give it a smoother texture and a creamier taste.

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How much tea can you make with our Japanese Tea Samplers?

Each sample pack included in the Japanese tea sampler has enough tea for one tea “session”. One 5-gram sample pack of loose leaf tea contains enough to make 3-4 cups of premium Japanese green tea. One 2 gram sample pack of matcha powder contains enough to make 2 small cups of matcha, or one large bowl.

  • japanese tea samplers with teaware

    Brewing Loose leaf green tea

    To prepare the loose leaf tea in the Japanese tea samplers you only need the kyusu teapot. This teapot is made from clay and it has a built-in filter to sift out the leaves as you pour. The main body of the teapot provides the tea leaves with plenty of space to open up and release their flavor into the water, and the clay itself can even accentuate the flavor of the tea. The kyusu teapots you will find here have a side handle, which stays cool to the touch and allows you to pour with just a simple turn of the wrist. If you’d like to learn more about the kyusu teapot, you can read the article here

  • matcha samplers with teaware

    Making Matcha

     To prepare the matcha in the Japanese tea samplers you will a few basic tools. First, the matcha bowl to prepare the tea, and the bamboo matcha whisk or “chasen” to whisk the matcha into water and create the beautiful foam on top. It is possible to use other tools if you don’t have the whisk or the bowl. but these have really been designed to produce the best bowl of matcha tea. These tools have been used in the tea ceremony for hundreds of years, and they still work better than modern utensils. If you’re interested in learning more about the matcha whisk, you can find the article here.

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