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The Matcha Bowl, also called Chawan, is the traditonal bowl used to both prepare and drink matcha tea. The heaviness of the bowl conveys a sense of importance and the shape of the matcha bowl makes it easier to whisk up the matcha to create a foamy bowl of tea for you and your guest. All of our bowls are carefully selected for their style and functions. Our Matcha Bowls are also light, and feel satisfying to hold in your hands. 

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What is a Chawan, also know as Matcha Bowl?

The chawan, also known as matcha bowl, is a bowl specifically designed to prepare matcha tea. It may appear to look very similar to a regular bowl, but there are a few key design features that make it special. 

chawan produced in japan

All our Chawan are produced by reputable Japanese artisans

We are proud to say that each matcha bowl we sell is a Japanese chawan. These matcha bowls are produced by a small clay working studio in Japan and after sampling a few different types of bowls, we have settled on a few that we like the most.

Enhance your matcha ritual with our Japanese Chawan

If you really want to elevate your matcha routine, you will need the right tools. The matcha bowl can really make a difference when it comes to creating a quiet and peaceful tea moment, and we hope you get a chance to try one out for yourself!

Wan-nari Matcha Bowl

This chawan bowl is more circular in its design, making it fit more comfortable in your hands. One downside of the wan-nari compared to the tsutsu-gata chawan bowl is that it tapers off towards the bottom which makes it slightly harder to whisk

Tsutsu-gata Matcha Bowl

This is a matcha bowl with a more cylindrical design. The steeper sides and wider base make it easier to whisk up your matcha tea bowls.

Watch our video to learn all need to know about the magical chawan

  • Step 1: Sifting the matcha powder in to the matcha bowl

    You can start by first sifting 2 grams of matcha powder into the bottom of the chawan. This step is technically not necessary, but it is recommended if you want a smoother matcha bowl without clumps.

  • Step 2: Adding the water into the matcha bowl

    Next, you can pour 100ml of water into the chawan. You may like to start with a tiny bit of water and mix the matcha into a paste to remove any additional clumps that might form. The water temperature should be between 140-175 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Step 3: Stirring the Matcha into the matcha bowl

    Next, you can take your matcha whisk and begin to scrape off the sides of the chawan matcha bowl. This is to make sure that all the powder has been combined with the water.

  • Step 4: Creating the foam on top of the matcha bowl

    Now it is time for the fun part, whisking up your matcha bowl! Start whisking the tea in a rapid, zigzag motion using your wrist. Once you get the technique down, you should be able to make foamy matcha bowls in a matter of seconds!

chawan with matcha

Chawan bowl history

The japanese matcha bowl originally was imported from China for hundreds of years. By the 1400s, people in Japan began using Korean and Vietnamese rice bowls to prepare their matcha tea. It wasn’t until the 1700s that the japanese matcha bowl, as we know it today, was created and talented craftsman from all over Japan began firing beautiful bowls specifically for the preparation of matcha tea. 

Benefits of using a chawan matcha bowl

Although the basic design of the chawan matcha bowl is simple, it has a few unique features that make it better than a normal bowl. First, the bowl tends to take on more of a cylindrical shape, with a wider relative base and steeper sides. This gives you more space to whisk up the matcha bowl without spilling it.

The chawan matcha bowl is also made from a very thick clay. If you preheat this bowl beforehand, as is custom in the Japanese tea ceremony, it can keep your tea warmer for longer. On a cold day, the matcha tea bowls can even keep your hands nice and warm.

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