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Get a Kyusu teapot or a Matcha whisk for Free when you subscribe to ourJapanese tea subscription box. Whether you’re a casual drinker of tea or a veteran tea connoisseur, our tea subscription box is perfect for you. Every single tea is carefully cultivated by small farmers in Japan and they are all 100% grown without pesticides. Discover Japanese teas, one month at a time!

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Experience exceptional teas with our Japanese Tea Subscription Boxes

With the japanese tea subscription, you not only get sent curated Japanese green teas sent to you every month, you also get all the teaware you need to prepare them. With the monthly tea club, you get a free kyusu teapot mailed to you the first month, along with monthly tea shipments at a 16% discount. With the monthly matcha club, you get the matcha whisk and matcha spoon, along with 20% off monthly matcha deliveries.

How does our Japanese tea subscription box works?

All you need to do is sign up for whichever Japanese green tea subscription you want (or both if you prefer) and we’ll start sending you the best teas we’ve found during our travels around Japan. Let’s briefly go through how the japanese tea subscription box works.

  • 1 Subscribe in a few clicks

    First, choose the Japanese green tea subscription you want and select how frequently you want it delivered. You can choose to have the tea delivered every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. Then add the product to your cart and go through to checkout. Now is where the real magic happens!

  • 2 You get you curated teas and free teaware

    For the first month of your Japanese tea subscription box, we will send you either 2 of our most popular matcha teas or 2 of our most popular leaf teas. We’ll also send you some artisanally crafted teaware in order to prepare the teas. This way, you have everything you need to begin your tea journey all in one place.

  • 3 Continue to get great deals on premium Japanese green tea

    As long as you are part of the Japanese tea subscription, you will receive carefully curated teas every month at a 16% discount or more. This is a great way to save money on tea, but also keep your palate sharp by constantly trying rare and unique green teas from all over Japan.

  • 4 Find your favorite green tea

    Perhaps the best part about the green tea subscription box is the fact that it makes it easy to find the teas that you like most. You may get introduced to teas you would never have found on your own if it weren’t for the subscription. If you find out that you like one particular tea above all others, you can send us an email and we can cancel your subscription and start sending you more of what you love!

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Get free teaware to start your tea journey

When you subscribe to the subscription boxes green tea isn’t the only thing that comes your way, you’ll also receive some excellent teaware as well! Depending on the Japanese green tea subscription you sign up for, you will receive different types of teaware.

  • japanese tea samplers with teaware

    Loose leaf tea subscription box teaware

    For the first delivery of the monthly tea club, you’ll receive the clay kyusu teapot. This is specifically designed to be the best tool for preparing Japanese loose leaf tea. It has a wide base, built in strainer and hollow side handle that makes it easy to pour.

  • matcha samplers with teaware

    Matcha subscription box teawares

    For the first delivery of this Japanese green tea subscription, you will get the bamboo whisk and bamboo spoon to prepare your matcha tea. Even though it has been used for hundreds of years, the bamboo whisk still is the best tool when it comes to making beautiful foamy bowls of matcha tea.

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Explore by tea types

There are two different types of green tea subscription box, the monthly matcha club and the monthly tea club. Let’s talk briefly about each one here:

  • loose leaf green tea samplers

     Loose leaf teas

    Every month we will send you 2-3 different types of sencha, gyokuro, genmaicha, kukicha, bancha, kamairicha, hojicha, oolong and more!

  • matcha samplers


    Take a deep dive into the world of powdered matcha tea and discover teas from different cultivars, growing regions and more! 

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All our teas are carefully selected by tea experts from small farmers in Japan

After traveling around Japan for the past few years, we have had the privilege of meeting with dozens of farmers and sampling hundreds of different teas. There are so many amazing teas we have found, and we are so happy to have these two types of japanese tea subscription box so that we can share them with all of you! The longer you stay in the monthly tea club, the more unique teas you get to try. If you stay in long enough, you will start getting sent exclusive and rare tea types, before they become available on the website. 

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