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Our Matcha tea sets and Matcha Kits are a great way to bring the Japanese tea ceremony into your very own home. With these sets, you get all the tools you need to not only produce a great tasting cup of matcha tea, but also to honor the principles of the tea ceremony. Transport yourself to a Japanese tea house every morning with the matcha tea sets.

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Immerse yourself in the Japanese Tea Ceremony with our Matcha Sets

The Japanese tea ceremony is a ritualistic preparation of matcha according to a strict set of rules and principles. This tea preparation involves a japanese tea ceremony set, otherwise known as a matcha kit. The utensils contained within these matcha sets, not only make it easier to prepare matcha, but they also demonstrate certain values and principles of the tea ceremony.  

matcha sets and matcha kits

Our matcha tea sets are from Japan and produced by reputable farmers and artisans

The matcha tea set from japan brings a little extra Japanese tea culture and class to your home. These utensils are well built, function great and they really make a difference when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your matcha ceremony. Treat yourself with the best matcha tea kits available on the market

Our Matcha Kits are 100% pesticide free

As we mentioned before, it is particularly important to go pesticide free when you are selecting matcha powderfor Japanese Tea Ceremony Set. Particularly when it comes to ceremonial matcha, because you are consuming the entire leaf, and everything contained within it. If you are conscious about consuming chemicals, you should avoid the conventionally grown teas, particularly when it comes to powdered tea. In addition to the health aspect, we have also tried to address some environmental concerns of the tea industry by sourcing only pesticide free.

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    #1 organically grown ceremonial matcha

    This is the most important part of the matcha sets is of course the matcha itself. All of our matcha comes from small farmers in Japan who grow tea without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

  • #2 matcha whisk

    No matcha kit would be complete without the whisk. This bamboo whisk is the perfect tool for whisking up beautiful bowls of matcha tea. It’s lightweight, quiet and it makes it easier to create a foam when compared to the metal whisk.

  • #3 matcha bowl

    The best matcha tea kits contain the matcha bowl or chawan. This is the clay bowl used in the Japanese tea ceremony, and it is the perfect container to whisk your matcha in.

  • #4 free chashaku

    Included for free in a lot of our matcha sets is the bamboo spoon or chashaku. This makes it easier to scoop matcha powder out of a tin, and it also allows you to measure out the right amount of powder (2 heaping scoops for one bowl of matcha tea)

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Watch how to use our japanese tea ceremony with this video tutorial

  • Step 1 - Select your Matcha Kit

    Select the Matcha tea set that matches your personalitea

  • Step 2 - Sift the Ceremonial Matcha

    Sift the matcha powder into the bowl

  • Step 3 - Add the water

    Add 100ml of warm water into the bowl

  • Step 4 - Stir like a tea master

    Stir like a tea master, using rapid wrist movements in a zigzag formation

  • Step 5 - Whisk to get the perfect foam

    Whisk the tea until you create a beautiful foam on top

  • Step 6 - Enjoy your matcha

    Serve up yourceremonial matcha teaand enjoy!

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