How to Make Top-Notch Hojicha Cookies


What are Hojicha Cookies?

Now that we've shown you how to make Hojicha Cookies, let’s talk about what makes hojicha cookies so special!

What is Hojicha?

Hojicha is a special type of Japanese green tea made from roasted tea leaves.

After the tea leaves are harvested, steamed, rolled and dried, they are roasted in either a large hot pan or a roasting machine to create hojicha.

While most Japanese green teas like sencha have this vibrant jade-green color, hojicha takes on this brown hue.

It also picks up warmer flavor profiles of coffee and caramel.

For desserts like Hojicha Cookies, a finely ground hojicha powder is typically used, so it can be combined easily into the recipe.

It can also be combined into other desserts, and even a hojicha kitkat!

Why does the Flavor of Hojicha Cookies work so well?

The hojicha powder works great in Hojicha Cookies, as the sugar and butter balance out what would otherwise be a dark flavor.

Similar to a rich dark chocolate, the warmer and darker flavors of hojicha work quite well when paired with something as sweet as a cookie.

If you want to learn more, you can read our article 👉 Hojicha Flavor: What Does Hojicha Taste Like?

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