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Ceremonial Matcha Sampler (7 Pack)

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Benefits of Matcha

  • Try 7 different teas at once
  • Gives you sustainable energy throughout the day
  • High in caffeine, amino acids and antioxidants
  • Delicious taste, beautiful color and complex aroma
  • Mixes directly into water, great for lattes, juices and mixed drinks!

How this Matcha is Made

  • Tea plants are grown on small, family owned farms in the Japanese countryside
  • The tea plants are shaded for 3 weeks prior to harvest to boost their sweet and savory flavors
  • The youngest, most nutrient dense leaves of the tea plant are selected
  • The stems of these leaves are removed to improve the sweet and smooth flavor even further
  • These leaves are stone ground into a fine, jade green matcha powder that can be mixed directly into water

Flavor Profiles

  • Light and sweet Saemidori matcha
  • Smooth and round Okumidori matcha
  • Strong and vegetal Yabukita matcha
  • Powerful, savory Gokou matcha


"I absolutely love this matcha. The flavor and color are unlike any I’ve ever seen or tasted!" Emily K.


1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water; 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

No Pesticides

These teas are made without the use of pesticides, ensuring that they leave minimal impact on the natural world

Premium Quality Green Tea

These teas have been carefully selected to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. We also visit the facilities in person to ensure these teas are produced with love and care

Free Fast Shipping

All of our products include free shipping to the U.S. Typically these teas arrive within 5 days of ordering


1 Matcha Sampler - 7 Pack

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2 Matcha Samplers - 14 Pack

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★★★★★ Emily K. 

"I absolutely love this matcha. The flavor and color are unlike any I’ve ever seen or tasted! I really enjoyed the sampler, as I was able to experience the differences that you guys speak of on your Instagram. Thank you for being so informative! I’m so excited to buy more matcha and teas from you in the future!"

★★★★★ Jacob R.

"I've tried many matchas from companies on Amazon, and enjoy them, but this matcha was clearly finer, sweeter, well balanced compared to others from Kenko, House of Matcha, and Akira (I think it was called). Keep up the quality of your products"

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