Make a Green Tea Alcohol Drink Like a Mixologist


Improvements to the green tea alcoholic drink recipe 

best green tea alcohol drink recipe

There are a few ways you can improve this green tea alcohol drink and make it your own. Although this recipe works great as it is, there are three things you can do to make it your very own. 

Sugar Cane Juice

If you want to make this green tea alcoholic drink more traditional, you can use sugar cane juice instead of sugar. This was the way mojitos were originally made and the flavor can blend better with the green tea alcohol and lime. 

Switching up the Alcohol

What gives this green tea drink alcohol is the white rum, but this is optional. If you want to personalize this alcoholic green tea drink, you can swap out the white rum for the clear alcohol that you prefer. 

Traditionally the mojito is made with rum, but if you don’t like the flavor of this you can switch it to a drink you like better.

Crushed Ice

If you really want to take this green tea alcoholic drink to the next level, you can used crushed ice. You can take your ice cubes, wrap them in a cloth or towel and then crush them against the countertop. 

What makes this green tea drink alcoholic?

So what makes this green tea drink alcoholic? The only alcohol in this mojito is the white rum. If you want to make a virgin version of this green tea alcohol drink, you can make it without the white rum. There is still plenty of flavor with the combination of the green tea, peppermint leaves and lime juice!

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Can you add an alcoholic green tea?

You can add an alcoholic green tea to this recipe if you’d like. Certain kombucha contains alcohol and depending on the flavor it can work really well in this green tea alcoholic drink recipe

While there is no green tea alcohol out there (yet), a neutral flavored kombucha is the next best thing! If you want to learn how to make a good one, you'll want to check out this recipe here 👉 Make a Refreshing Probiotic Genmaicha Kombucha at Home


When it comes to green tea drinks alcohol can sometimes be a blessing and a curse. It makes the drink into a fun cocktail, but it sometimes can interfere with the delicate flavor profile of the green tea. If you want an alternative to this green tea alcohol drink, you can try something a bit more simple like this mint matcha latte 

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