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 Kabuse Sencha (also called Kabusecha) is considered to be the most sought after leaf tea in Japan. This tea has been shaded for a longer time, reducing the bitterness and increasing the sweetness of the tea. As a result, it combines the properties of Gyokuro (few bitter substances, strong aroma) and classic Sencha (strong green tea aroma).

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What is kabuse sencha?

Kabuse sencha is the second most sought after leaf tea in Japan, after gyokuro. To be considered a kabuse sencha green tea, the tea plant needs to be shaded for 10 days or more before the harvest. 

When the tea leaves are exposed to sunlight, they begin to produce catechins as protection against the UV light. This makes the tea more bitter, so if a producer is trying to produce a sweeter green tea like kabuse sencha tea, he will cover it before the harvest. This minimizes the amount of catechins, and maximizes the sweet and savory theanine.

kabuse sencha tea in a cup

Our Kabuse Sencha is exclusively sourced from small farmers around Japan

Organic kabuse sencha is something we strive for, and that is why we make sure to source exclusively from small farmers who grow tea without the use of pesticides or chemicals. After visiting dozens of tea farms, we have noticed that the ones that don’t use chemicals always appear much more “wild” with species of plants and animals thriving in between the rows.

When you go for organic kabuse sencha, you are not only making a better decision for your health, but you are also helping to shift the tea industry in a more sustainable direction. At Nio, we believe that a tea field should not only produce great tasting tea, but also a thriving ecosystem. 

Our kabuse sencha tea is 100% organically grown and pesticide free

Organic Kabuse sencha is an important goal for us to strive for. After visiting organic and non-organic tea fields all across Japan, we found that the tea fields that used pesticides and chemicals weren’t creating a healthy ecosystem for plant and animal life. The organic tea fields we saw had much more biodiversity, with insects, birds and even mammals thriving between the rows of tea plants. By switching to organically grown kabuse sencha, you are not only making a better choice for yourself, but also helping to create a more sustainable tea industry. We believe that tea fields should not only produce great tasting kabuse sencha, but also become a habitat for other plants and animals.

kabuse sencha tea leafs

Kabuse Sencha Flavor profile

The best kabuse sencha should have a light and smooth sweetness, without much of these strong bitter or brothy flavors. If the tea were shaded for 21 days or more, it would be considered a gyokuro, and it would begin to take on a powerful savory or “umami” taste. This is the main difference in taste characteristics of sencha kabuse and gyokuro tea. 

Harvesting Process

After the tea plant has been shaded, the kabuse sencha leaves are ready to be harvested. To produce premium green tea likes gyokuro tea, matcha and kabuse sencha green tea, you can only use the top 3 leaves. These have the highest concentration of nutrients and the smoothest and sweetest taste. These leaves are then gathered up to be steamed, rolled and dried in order to produce the best kabuse sencha.

how to brew kabuse sencha tea

Brewing Instruction

If you want to brew the best kabuse sencha, you will have to follow the brewing instructions on each product page. In general, when you are brewing kabuse sencha, you will want to use a lower temperature water of around 140F/60C. This will ensure that you extract less bitterness and end up with a smoother and sweeter green tea. 

Frequently Asked questions

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If you have any questions about our kabuse sencha green tea, you can ask our customer service team. The best way to reach us is by email, but feel free to reach out to us on social media because we also respond to direct messages and comments on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook.

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Returns & Refunds

While it is rare for someone to tell us they don’t like the kabuse sencha tea, occasionally it may happen. We want everyone to end up with a tea they like, so we would prefer to send you a replacement tea rather than have you stuck with a sencha kabuse you don’t like.

There is no need to return the sencha kabuse to us, just keep it and share it with someone who would appreciate it! Feel free to contact us by email and we can help to solve whatever issue you might have with the tea you ordered! 

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