Why you Should not Use Genmaicha Tea Bags

Genmaicha tea bags seem to be everywhere nowadays, but there are few reasons why you really should avoid them. ⛔️

In this article, we are going to show you why you may want to steer clear of genmaicha green tea bags. If that fails and you still want to get some genmaicha tea bags, we totally understand!

We will also show you the benefits of the genmaicha tea bags as well as the best genmaicha tea bags on the market.

Let’s get started! 👇


What are Genmaicha Tea Bags?

genmaicha tea bag

Genmaicha tea bags are simply genmaicha that comes in bag form. If you’ve read any of our other articles, you’ll likely know that we don’t recommend the use of teabags as they produce very low quality tea, but we’ll do our best to do an honest evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of some of the best genmaicha tea bags. 

Before we get started on talking about the genmaicha green tea bag, we should first briefly cover what genmaicha tea is. Genmaicha is a popular type of Japanese tea made by combining green tea leaves with roasted rice. The warm and nutty flavors of the rice pair well with the fresh vegetal flavors of the green tea leaves to create a flavor that everyone enjoys. 

There are many reasons why you want to avoid teabags when it comes to environment and preparing tea. So are tea bags bad for you? Yes. 


Downside of a genmaicha tea bag

There are a few different downsides to using japanese genmaicha tea bags, and teabags in general. The first thing to consider is the material used to make the teabag itself, like glue, paper and plastic, which can really interfere with the taste and health benefits of the tea. 

Also, the cramped space within the genmaicha green tea bags, don’t give the leaves enough space to expand and fully release their flavor into the water. This means that the overall flavor is weaker and less complex. Finally, teabags are often used as a strategy to disguise low quality tea leaves. Next time you get one, try opening it up and compared the leaves to premium loose leaf genmaicha. You’ll notice there is really no comparison.


Genmaicha tea bags caffeine content

One aspect about genmaicha green tea bags that can either be a positive or a negative is that they tend to be very low in caffeine. Genmaicha is a low caffeine tea to begin with, and because lower quality leaves are used to make the teabags, this lowers the genmaicha caffeine content even further. 

So if you are sensitive to caffeine, the low quality leaves used might actually be one of the genmaicha tea bags benefits.


Other genmaicha tea bags benefits

In addition having a low caffeine content, there are other genmaicha tea benefits. Well, there is really only one other and that is the convenience. Genmaicha tea bags may produce a really sorry excuse for green tea, but they are easy to use. You can brew them up in just a few minutes and they require no teaware.


What About organic genmaicha tea bags

genmaicha and a teapot

Unfortunately the many problems with the genmaicha green tea bag aren’t fixed just by going organic. When you get organic genmaicha tea bags you will definitely be getting tea with a lower chemical footprint, but it won’t do anything to fix the flavor.

If you are concerned about pesticides, chemicals and flavor, you are better off going for a organic loose leaf genmaicha instead. 


How and Where to Find the World’s Best Genmaicha Tea Bags

Before we deep dive into the methodology to find genmaicha tea bags, you should definitely read our complete guide called 👉 How and Where to Find the World’s Best Genmaicha Tea. But for the purpose of this article, let's focus only on the tea bags! 

Type of teabag

If you’re looking for the best bagged genmaicha, you will want to look at the type of teabag being used and also where it is produced. In general, Japan has a higher standard for all things tea, so the Japanese companies like Ito-en and Yamatomoyama will be a better bet. 

Matcha genmaicha tea bags

You can also go for matcha genmaicha tea bags as the matcha powder will add an additional flavor boost to counteract the weak flavor of the bagged tea.

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