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Chawan Shirahagi

Chawan Shirahagi

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Learn all the secrets of the Chawan Shirahagi

The Chawan Shirahagi is perfect for those who enjoy a minimalist aesthetic with their matcha tea. This is handcrafted from high quality clay, and it is evident by the uneven grooves indendet into the side of the bowl. The Chawan Shirahagi is finished off with a smooth layer of white glaze which creates a sleek and pure style perfect that feels comfortable in your hands.

How to use the Chawan Shirahagi

In order to prepare a bowl of matcha in the Chawan Shirahagi, just sift the matcha powder into the bowl, pour in the water and whisk the tea up!

  • icon of a strainer with quantity of matcha grams to add to prepare ceremonial matcha

    Step 1

    First position a sifter on top of the Chawan Shirahagi, add 2 grams or 1 teaspoon of powder into the sifter and push it through until you have a finely sifted layer of powder at the bottom of the bowl.

  • black icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 70 degree celsius and 160 degree fahrenheit

    Step 2

    Heat up the water to a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit or 70 degrees Celsius

  • black icon of a black teapot pouring water in a chawan bowl

    Step 3

    Now you can add just a tiny amount of warm water to the powder and mix it in until you get a nice smooth paste with no clumps at the bottom of the Chawan Shirahagi.

  • black icon of a matcha whisk and a matcha bowl

    Step 4

    Pour in 100ml of water between 160-175 degrees fahrenheit and gently mix it into the paste, gently scraping the sides of the Chawan Shirahagi to make sure it is all combined.

  • black icon of whisk whisking matcha in a bowl

    Step 5

    Now it is time to whisk up your bowl of matcha with rapid zigzag motions using your wrist. With enough practice, you should be able to produce a light green foam on top of the matcha which will create a smoother consistency and taste.

  • black icon of a matcha bowl on a plat

    Step 6

    Enjoy your bowl of matcha tea! You can either drink it directly out of the Chawan Shirahagi or pour it into glasses to share.

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100% Hand Made in Japan and Ethically Sourced

This exquisitely crafted Chawan Shirahagi bowl, meticulously handmade with precision and care, proudly stands as a product of Japan. It is a testament to the artistry of skilled artisans who, drawing upon centuries-old traditions, employed traditional clayworking and glazing techniques to shape and refine this unique piece with utmost dedication and expertise.

japanese artisan working wit clay

Made out of premium raw materials

The Chawan Shirahagi is a premium tea bowl made from quartz, feldspar and Gifu clay. This region has been known for producing some of the best pottery in Japan since ancient times. This bowl was made in the White Kohiki style, which is made by pouring white mud known as Shirogeshō on top of the clay base, glazing it and firing it.

Benefits of the Chawan Shirahagi

There are many benefits to using this Chawan Shirahagi bowl for making matcha. The bowl has steeper sides, which make it easier to whisk the tea without spilling. The thick clay helps to convey a sense of importance during the tea ceremony and it also helps to keep the matcha warm as long as you preheat it.

japanese artisan crafting a kyusu teapot

Where is this Chawan produced?

Information about the potter

This Chawan Shirahagi, a testament to Japanese craftsmanship, proudly stands as a product of Japan, meticulously fashioned from the finest Japanese clay renowned for its exceptional quality and distinctive characteristics.

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