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Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior

Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior

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Learn all the secrets of the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior

The Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior is the top matcha produced by the Nakai family in Wazuka. This tea is very smooth with no bitterness and a thick mouthfeel


Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior flavor chart

Discover the results of Nio Teas’ 4 step tea tasting method

Keeping the same tone of voice, a possible rephrased sentence could be: "Our evaluation of the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior involved examining both the texture and flavor of the matcha, paying attention to its dryness, sweetness, minerality, and acidity. Additionally, we assessed its mouthfeel, considering the thickness or richness of its consistency. Finally, as a distinctive feature of matcha, we analyzed the tea's vegetal flavor, which is characteristic of all matcha varieties.

Step 1 - Observing the Appearance

The color of the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior is a darker jade green color and comes in a smooth powder

Step 2 - Assessing the Aroma

The aroma as the powder is mixed into the water is sweet and vegetal, with notes of white chocolate in the nose

Step 3 - Tasting the Tea

This Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior coats the palate with a velvety smooth mouthfeel, which eventually gives space for a strong umami flavor in the mid palate. There are notes of white chocolate, asparagus and artichoke, but for the most part the tea remains milky and smooth. The finish is strong in this umami note, but there is an ever so slight dryness to it that lingers on the palate.

Step 4 - Evaluating the sensation on the palate

The matcha is rich and thick, which gives space for the vegetal taste characteristics to play around without being too harsh on the palate. There is no acidity, almost no dryness but a strong umami in the mid-palate and finish.

100% Organically grown and Ethically Sourced

At Nio, we value close collaboration with tea farmers who practice pesticide-free and chemical-free cultivation. Our belief is that such practices can not only enhance the flavor of the tea but also promote the health and sustainability of the tea fields as a whole.

Based on our experience, we have observed that tea farms that avoid pesticides and chemicals can contribute to a thriving ecosystem, supporting the growth of diverse plants and animals alongside tea plants.

Nio Teas Unique Organically grown sourcing process

  • thorough taste testing of each tea
  • direct communication with farmers regarding their production methods to ensure no pesticides are being used
  • personal visits to tea fields and production facilities to assess quality
  • ensuring that the biodiversity surrounding the tea fields is thriving
JAS Japanese Agriculture Standards logo

JAS Certified

The JAS logo, standing for Japanese Agriculture Standards, can be found on our Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior and many of our other teas. This label guarantees that products are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

At Nio, we prioritize tea fields that are completely free of pesticides or chemicals during our selection process. When working with larger tea farmers, we require them to provide us with the JAS label, which can only be acquired through soil sampling and testing.

For smaller tea farmers who haven't obtained certification yet, we accept the "pesticide-free" label and strive to offer opportunities for small farmers without making the screening process too stringent. Our aim is to support exceptional tea production while upholding our commitment to pesticide-free farming.

How to prepare the tea

To prepare the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior, follow these basic steps for optimal results. Once you get used to preparing matcha, you can simplify these steps but in the beginning we recommend following this process as closely as possible.

  • icon of a strainer with quantity of matcha grams to add to prepare ceremonial matcha

    Step 1

    Take 2 grams of matcha powder and sift it into your matcha bowl to eliminate any clumps caused by humidity.

  • black icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 70 degree celsius and 160 degree fahrenheit

    Step 2

    Heat the water up to 70 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • black icon of a black teapot pouring water in a chawan bowl

    Step 3

    Add about 1 tablespoon of water to the bowl and stir the matcha powder into a paste, ensuring that the powder is evenly distributed. Pour 100ml of water into the bowl

  • black icon of a matcha whisk and a matcha bowl

    Step 4

    Scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl gently to combine the matcha with the water.

  • black icon of whisk whisking matcha in a bowl

    Step 5

    Using your wrist, whisk the matcha in quick, zigzag motions until a light green foam appears on the surface.

  • black icon of a matcha bowl on a plat

    Step 6

    Enjoy your Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior

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Necessary teaware

To prepare the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior, you might want a few basic utensils to get the best results. Here's what each accessory does:

  • Matcha bowl: Also known as a chawan, this is a specially designed bowl that is wide and shallow to allow for easy whisking of the matcha powder with the other ingredients. It also helps to keep the tea at a consistent temperature.
  • Bamboo whisk: Also known as a chasen, this is a special whisk made of bamboo that is used to mix the matcha powder with hot water. The whisk is designed to create a frothy and creamy texture to the tea, which is important for achieving the traditional taste and presentation of matcha.
  • Chashaku: This is a small bamboo scoop that is used to measure the right amount of matcha powder. It's important to use the correct amount of powder to water ratio to get the right balance of flavors and consistency.
  • Sifter: This accessory is used to sift the matcha powder into the bowl before whisking. Sifting helps to break up any clumps in the powder and ensures a smooth and consistent texture to the tea.

With these basic utensils, you'll be able to prepare the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior in the traditional way and enjoy the full flavors and aromas of this high-quality matcha tea.

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Nakai farm in japan

Location of production and farmer

Information about the farm

The production of the Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior is handled by the Nakai family, known for their expertise in cultivating Japanese green teas without using pesticides or chemicals. Mr. Nakai's father is credited as one of the pioneers of the JAS logo, which now appears on every organic certified tea label in Japan, indicating the family's long-standing commitment to producing organic tea.

Sourced in Kyoto


The Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior comes from an area outside of Kyoto that has a rich history of tea cultivation. In fact, the first tea plants grown in Japan were planted not too far from this region in 1192. Today, the area is still considered one of the most famous for the cultivation of Japanese green tea.

In particular, the region is well-known for its matcha. After tasting hundreds of matcha teas from all over Japan, Kyoto, Wazuka and Uji are the regions best represented. Matcha cultivation has been a significant part of this area for the last 400 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down!

Cultivar and tea plant variety

The Wazuka Tea Nakai Superior is made from the Okumidori cultivar. These Okumidori teas have been really well received by our customers, and thats why we offer so many Okumidori matchas on our website.

  • Okumidori

    The Okumidori tea variety is highly regarded for its ability to produce teas with a smoother and fuller-bodied flavor profile. Often used in blends to counteract any bitterness, it is also sometimes used as a standalone ingredient. Despite being more challenging to cultivate, Okumidori is well worth the effort in creating teas such as the Washimine Ceremonial Matcha, which boasts a perfectly smooth finish devoid of any bitterness.

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