Gyokuro Milk Tea - The Complete Recipe


Benefits of Gyokuro Milk Tea

Gyokuro milk tea is made using gyokuro tea, the finest leaf tea in all of Japan.

This tea is carefully shaded, harvested and processed in order to maximize its content of caffeine, theanine and chlorophyll.

This gives the tea its trademark, sweet and savory flavor and its plethora of health benefits.

Try some out on its own before you make your gyokuro milk tea! It might give you a better understanding of the unique flavors.

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Alternatives to Gyokuro Milk Tea

If you’re looking for an alternative to gyokuro milk tea, you can go for a matcha latte. Unlike gyokuro, matcha latte powder was intended to be mixed into oatmilk and sugar.

While it may be quite bitter when you drink it on its own, it has a strong matcha flavor that you can taste through the latte. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

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